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Herman's notes on Dog emotion and congition

Completed in June 2022 Certificate
Domestication is selection against aggression and it is selection for interest In people and the willingness and even desire to be with people.
Bonobo females prefer the least aggressive males in the group, and that's probably how they evolved.
Bonobos never kill while chimpanzees are known to kill.
Bonobos are our closest genetic relatives along with chimpanzees.
Convergent evolution is the process by which two distantly related species evolve the same solution to a problem independently
So what is a bonobo and why are they so interesting to us? Well, as I told you earlier, bonobos are one of our two closest relatives. It's confusing cuz how can you have two close relatives where there can only be one number one, but remember this is more like a genealogy. You can have two cousins that are your first cousin, and they're equally closely related to you. But one is a girl and one is a boy. So while both are first cousins, they are different from one another and that's the case that we have with chimpanzees and bonobos.
Dogs do not understand gravity, while apes do. Dogs do not seem to understand connectivity, while ravens do. And dogs really show no evidence of recognizing themselves in mirrors, while apes do and maybe some other animals.
The most likely breed to be involved in a biting incident with a dog is a human child under the age of ten who is male.