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Herman's notes on Adaptability and Resiliency

Completed in May 2022 Certificate
The next time you find yourself in a bad mood, stand up, breathe deeply, and put a smile on your face. You have the power to reset your mind and mood.
Adaptability refers to a person's ability to change his or her actions, course or approach in order to suit different conditions or environments. It's a willingness to modify both attitudes and behaviors. Resilience is the capacity to learn from setbacks and recover quickly, and go forward more capable than before.
he evidence is that even in today's depersonalized virtual business environment, most transactions are about relationships. We do business with people we like and we trust so it's important to invest time in making connections, building relationships and maintaining those connections over time. Being good at your job is not enough. Like it or not, life is not a meritocracy. The truth is that your skills, quality and experience are likely to go unnoticed unless you seek opportunities to communicate what you have to offer and your career aspirations. Well-connected people are in the know.