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6 Favorite playlists

These are the playlists that I listen most of often to.

Deus Ex human revolution

I haven't played this video game, because there is no mac port, but this is my go to playlist for programming.

Deus Ex mankind divided

This video game I did play. The sound track is not as good as the other one, but the game is fantastic, and the music brings back good memories.

Cyberpunk 2077

Another great video game. I got it on Google Stadia, very playbable. The soundtrack is sometimes too heavy for programming, but other times that's exactly what is needed.

Skate 2

This is my go-to playlist for skateboarding. I used to play a lot of Skate 2 on xBox 360.

Skate 3

I find this soundtrack not as good, even though the video game is much better than Skate 2.

NBA 2k21

And this is my go-to playlist for basketball. I played a lot of 2k last year. I like to think that I learned something from it and it wasn't time wasted. This music will remind me of it.